Exacta Services

Digital Marketing

The year is 2024, and the age is digital. If your online presence is not generating leads and sales for you, it is time to rethink your Digital Marketing approach.

Our agency specializes in developing and implementing Digital Marketing strategies and campaigns that will bring you closer to your audience.

Web Development

Being a center of almost every digital campaign, we give special attention to every website that we make. And it makes us happy to see increasing awareness of importance of quality web presentation.

Our websites are 100% custom made. Which means that we build your website from ground zero, based only on your goals and desires.

Photo & Video Production

The most certain way of creating an exceptional digital first impression is to have professional photos and videos for your business.

Try to count all the possible placements and applications for professional photos and videos of your brand… Yes, we lost count too.

Design & Branding

It all starts with an idea. Then a name. Also – a logo. After that, a brandbook. Even a slogan maybe.

All of this gives personality to your business, and since it is being done in the beginning, it is better to be done good.

Exacta offers world-class design and branding services, providing your business an initial advantage over the competition.