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Having a high-quality website could prove to be the most important marketing asset that you can have.

Our Web Development team can design and create a remarkable website for you that not only looks great but also helps you sell more.

Truly unique design

We build our websites from scratch. No templates, no themes. Just our team of web designers aiming to design the best possible experience. And yes, you`ve got unlimited revisions.

High security

World class web hosting servers, paired with our in house industry leading maintenance protocol, make your website an online fortress.

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Next Level Marketing

Your questions, answered

Why should I choose Exacta Agency?

We deliver Next Level services, every time. We cover our services in-house, optimizing both speed and quality. Our agency is trusted by dozens of clients internationally.

What do I need to prepare as a client?

We need to know your goals and wishes for the website, and the rest is up to us to structure and deliver.

How long does it take to build a website?

It depends. Simple one-page presentational webistes can be done in less than 30 days. Multi-page presentational websites should take around a month to complete. For more complex projects, we usually give a minimum 60 days deadline.

Will you maintain my site for me?

Of course. Regular updates, backups and optimizations are needed for the website to function properly.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?
Can you help me write content for my website?

Yes, we can provide help with copywriting, photos & videos for your website.