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Should I go with Google Search or Google Display?

So, you’re ready to level up your advertising and dive into the world of Google Ads? Good choice. But, there is another choice waiting for you right at the beginning. Should you focus on Search? Or Display? Or both? Or something else?

Well, even though Google Ads has various possibilities, many marketers end up using Google Search or Google Display. And for a good reason. So, let`s start playing smart:

Google Search – setting up traps

In the simplest way, Google Search Campaigns work like this:

  • you sell cars in London
  • you tell us that you sell cars in London
  • we put traps (your ads) in front of people who are looking to buy cars in London

That simple. This works great because people who are searching for specific term in Google are also probably going to buy the service/offer that they are searching for. This means that your ads are laser-focused only on warm audiences which increases the chance of conversion/sale.

Compared to Google Display ads, Google Search ads are more expensive per click, but the price is justified knowing that it produces high-quality leads.

Google Display – Amplify Your Presence

If your brand is new, or if you are coming to a new market, or if you are offering something new, or if you just want to be seen and remembed, Google Display is the right thing for you.

Through Google Display advertising campaings, you can place your advertising banners on various websites and apps that you can choose or we can choose or Google can choose. All of this maximizes your digital footprint, skyrocketing the awareness of your brand and offer.

Keep in mind that Google Display campaigns are targeted at a wider audience, which means that just a small portion of impressions will actually turn into clicks. This is the reason why Google Display ads are usually cheaper per click than Google Search ads.

Search and Display – Going All In

To be honest, best combination is to run both Google Search and Google Display campaigns. This ensures multiple touchpoints with your audience, providing for a increase in high-quality leads for your business.

Yes, this does costs more, but the great campaign results are guaranteed.

In conclusion, starting with Google Ads campaigns necessitates a strategic choice between Google Search and Google Display. Depending on your objectives and audience, you can harness the strengths of each approach to drive your business forward.

If you have further questions regarding this topic, feel free to write to us using the contact form at the bottom of the page, as we offer free consultations on this topic.