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The Most Overlooked Instagram Feature

They`ve been around for a while now, but it seems that many business Instagram profiles are not using fullest potential of Instagram Highlights. In this article, we will shed a new light on Instagram Highlights, as we consider them to be the most underrated and overlooked feature of Instagram.

Instagram Stories first emerged as a funny way of sharing short-term content, which would then disappear 24 hours later. And we all liked it. Later down the road, Instagram decided to give us a chance of keeping those stories for longer, and even arrange them in groups – Highlights.

This added a possibility for business to better organize and showcase their offer to the customers, since you could customize every aspect of Highlights. If you haven`t devoted time to organizing your business` Highlight section, you are actually missing out.

What we think is the best part – Highlights are always at the top, and are impossible to miss. This makes them a perfect place to neatly categorize everything that it is important to your business – general information, a little bit about the services that you offer, maybe some of the best work from your portfolio, your dearest customers & clients, and so on…

Great feature of Instagram Highlights is the possibility to add your own custom Cover image. And you are not confined just to those images which are in the actual highlight. You can add any photo from your gallery by tapping and holding the Highlight, then tapping on ,,Edit Highlight,, , tapping on ,,Edit cover,, and then tapping on the little image icon to open your gallery.

When it comes to actual design of Highlight Cover icons, there are various possibilities. Some people use icons, some people use text, some use just splashes of color. Whatever option you end up using, pay attention that all of your Highlight look similar and that they are made in the same style, as this will greatly improve the professional look & feel of your Instagram profile.

Putting the stories in the Highlights, try not to go overboard, as I am sure no one will want to scroll through 74 images to find the one that they were looking for. Keep it simple and effective, with no more than 10 images per highlight.

Feel free to experiment and try different things, as practice will make it perfect. Your Instagram profile will thank you!