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Why is Social Media Marketing so important for your business?

Social Media Marketing is proven not to be a temporary trend nor a risky investment. Now it is clear that it is one of the quickest and easiest methods to reach your audience.

Still, if there are some doubts about benefits of Social Media Marketing, we are happy to cast some wisdom about the topic.

Reason number 1 – Everyone is using Social Media

The number of active Social Media users is growing by the day, which only extends the circle and number of potential customers that you can reach. There is no street or physical store that can be so visible and visited as your Social Media Ads can be, if managed properly.

Reason number 2 – Everyone is using Social Media ALL THE TIME

It is not that there is a lot of people on the various networks, but they are there almost 24/7. From sunrise to sunset, and beyond, we check our phones every couple of minutes. Okay, seconds. This multiplies the opportunities for your business, making it ever more possible to catch your customers` attention.

Reason number 3 – You are not wasting money

By using old-school conventional marketing chanells (TV and radio ads, billboards, print…), you pay money to show your ad to everyone, even to people who are not interested. This is causing your advertising to be less effective. On the contrary, Social Media Marketing makes it possible to precisely pinpoint and define your target audience, and then spend your ad budget only on them.

Fourth one – It grows brand trust

Maintaining an active Social Media presence portrays your business as a credible and up-to-date. Think about it – which store has more chances of selling, the one with last post more than 2 weeks ago or the second one with 2 posts and 3 stories just this week?

Reason number 5 – Most businesses ARE using Social Media

And they are not using it so they could spend money or to repost it on personal profile, but because it probably brings something in return.

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